Eat Well, Shop Well and Live Well!

Personalized Shopping Management Assistant

One stop solution for personal shopping management from product and recipe selection to consumption and storage. The app informs about best practices for food storage and also notifies about product recalls based on uploaded receipts and added products. It will help in preparing shopping list, identifying healthy products and recipes, accessing (storing, sharing and tracking) information about all bought products that needs to be tracked. Search and easily access loyalty cards, warranties, store coupons and gift cards information. Add to this utility, the fun of smart photo identification and convenience of printing them at nearby Walgreens* or your own cloud enabled printer.

Smart Shopping and Healthy Living Made Easy

How many calories were there in your lunch today? Do you know how to cut down those calories? Can you afford healthy food? How about using those coupons in the mail? When are the foods in your fridge expiring? Stop! Take a deep breath and let’s take it from the top. You can’t really be healthy when you are so stressed out making the right food choices. Living healthy should not be so difficult. That’s why BcLapp! BcLapp revolutionizes your food journey – the grocery shopping experience, the diet planning, the calorie monitoring, storage, and even expense management – with one seamlessly integrated experience. Shop for healthy foods while saving money.

No more Forgotten Resolutions!

This incredibly feature-rich grocery shopping app is a one-stop-solution for all your offline and online grocery shopping needs. Create shopping lists based on your nutritional requirement effortlessly. Scan foods at stores, know their health benefits and keep track of them with the easy-to-use grocery list app. Discover USDA-guidelines for food storage practices for each item you purchase. And guess what! You can even compare prices, manage coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards and more with this all-in-one online shopping app. Eat healthy and shop smart with BcLapp. BcLapp eliminates the hassle out of healthy living, so you don’t fall prey to unhealthy eating habits again. When the fridge is stocked with healthy options, you can finally say bye-bye to midnight cravings.

Awesome Features

BcLapp helps you realize your lifelong goal of living a healthy life, minus the stress of keeping track. It will track everything for you.

Stay Healthy
Make Smarter Food Choices

Who says healthy foods don’t taste great! Don’t like the taste of a food item? Find delicious-yet-nutritious meals and snacks that offer the same nutrition and manage your nutrition intake. With BcLapp, you can find fresh, tasty, and wholesome foods based on ingredients, nutrition, and your allergies. Discover healthy & yummy recipes, and never let the temptation get the best of you. Accurately track your calorie intake, discover healthier alternatives, and witness noticeable differences to your fitness. Get rid of uncertainty from your diet.

Store, share..
Store, Share and Get Notified

The shopping list app can 'Store' and 'Share' all your loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, receipts, & warranties in one seamless app. Find better priced options and manage all your coupons, loyalty cards, & more in one place. Compare prices with other stores and get the best deal. Get timely expiry 'Notifications' too of warranties, products 'Best By' date or product recalls when tracked . Use BcLapp to scan product barcodes and discover the full list of ingredients and nutrition they offer.

Smart Photo Prints
Smart Photo Prints

BcLapp even makes it easy for you to see and track the weight loss you achieve from following the healthy diet by clicking and printing your best pictures as you continue to lose weight. Cutting-edge image analysis technology identifies best-looking pictures. Print them at the nearby Walgreens* or your cloud-enabled printer. Celebrate your progress!

Recalls* and Food Storage

Food products and items get recalled all the time. Don’t be left in the dark. Get notified about product recalls for the food items in your scanned list. Eat well. Follow USDA guidelnes for food storage practices for every item and thus reduce food wastage. Be notified of product recalls* for scanned and tracked items. Prevent diet-related mishaps.

Scan labels

Scan many kinds of labels, barcodes including SmartLabel, Digimarc Barcode for thermal labels, digital images, and audio. Digimarc technology is used under license from Digimarc Corporation.

Stay Healthy
Manage Everything with Ease

The intuitive, and fluid-smooth app makes it a breeze to plan your food intake, create a meal plan, and follow a healthy diet, while successfully avoiding the lure of unhealthy foods. BcLapp gets rid of the complexity involved in healthy living. BcLapp makes living a healthy life super-easy, affordable, and simple, so that you never have a reason to give up on your new life.

BcLapp is all about you – a better, healthier version of you! It’s not just another online grocery shopping app on your phone. In fact, it’s the ONLY online shopping app you will ever need to live healthy in a responsible manner.

* US Only

Living Healthy is a Choice. With BcLapp, It Is Now Made Easy.